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It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re going through a divorce. Frankly, there’s a lot to remember and a lot of different things that have to be handled — everything from deciding what to do about the house to splitting up the furniture.

It’s really important, however, that you don’t lose sight of the value of any 401(k) plans or pensions for your future, as a mistake there can cost you in ways you don’t anticipate.

What’s one of the biggest mistakes that someone getting a divorce can make in regards to a pension?


A Texas man has been convicted of perjury after he signed his wife’s name to the completed divorce paperwork and filed it. The divorce wasn’t contested and the couple still had an amicable relationship, so his ex-wife is unsure why he took such an unusual step. She was perfectly willing to sign.

There are, however, a few clues to his reasons. For one thing, his social media accounts indicated that he’d already remarried — before his divorce was actually filed and finalized. He may have been concerned that one or both wives would find out about the issue.

Some adjustments he made to the paperwork before he filed it also give some clues to his motives. He changed the paperwork on the divorce settlement to show that he owed only $700 in child support each month, instead of the $1,000 a month that was agreed. He also took the liberty of giving himself an extra three weeks of visitation with his children in the summer.


How do you protect an adult child with autism or another intellectual disability from the dangers of the world?

It isn’t easy.

Once your child passes his or her 18th birthday, the law no longer grants you the automatic right to go to doctors visits, make housing decisions, prevent him or her from being influenced by the wrong people or handle his or her finances. That can quickly leave your adult disabled child floundering in a rough world.


Are you still considering whether or not you want to ask your spouse for a prenuptial agreement? Most prenuptial agreements are focused on what happens if you divorce. That makes the process simpler.

However, some are partially focused on what happens inside the marriage itself. If you’re concerned about preserving the tenor of your current relationship with your intended, a lifestyle clause might do it.

All marriages can be said to be a contract. Each person enters into the relationship with an idea about what his or her role will be, what rules make the foundation of the relationship and what behavior is expected. Essentially, lifestyle clauses help set those expectations in writing.


If you’re in the middle of a child custody battle, you’re bound to have a lot of anxiety about your upcoming hearing before the family court judge.

Here are some tips that can help you get through the encounter with ease:

1. Remember that this is about the well-being of your child. That means the judge isn’t interested in anything that doesn’t directly affect your child’s welfare. Your ex may, in fact, be a terrible person — but if he or she is a good provider and a capable parent, his or her other shortcomings don’t matter. Don’t bring up any ancient history or anything that doesn’t directly pertain to your child’s welfare. You’ll only appear vindictive and risk irritating the judge.

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