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Can Child Custody Be Modified?

In a divorce or family law case where a couple has children, matters related to child custody will be of paramount concern to the parties involved, and decisions in these matters may affect the lives of parents, children, and other family members. When a family court judge issues orders regarding the conservatorship (legal custody) or possession and access (physical custody/visitation) of children, they are guided by one principle: the best interests of the child or children involved. To ensure that they can continue to provide for their children's best interests, parents may sometimes seek to modify child custody arrangements in the years following the conclusion of a divorce or the issuance of orders in other family law matters.

At Brandon Wong & Associates, we understand the challenges that parents often face both during the divorce process and in the years that follow. Parents' and children's situations can change, and whether minor adjustments to schedules may be necessary or drastic changes to custody may be appropriate, it is crucial to follow the correct legal procedures when requesting modifications. Our attorneys can help parents understand their rights in these situations, and we will work with them to negotiate agreements that will allow them to provide for their children's changing needs. If necessary, we can provide legal representation for a person seeking to modify a child custody order or a parent who needs to respond to a modification request by an ex-spouse or ex-partner.

When Can Custody Arrangements Be Changed?

Parents may seek modifications of child custody or visitation orders for a number of different reasons. These requests may be based on updates to parents' or children's schedules or other changes in their lives. For example, if a parent gets a new job that requires them to work during the evenings on some days when they are scheduled to have visitation time with their children, they may request a modification of the visitation schedule so that children can stay with them on days when they are available. Other schedule-related modifications may be necessary based on changes to children's school schedules or their participation in activities, such as athletic programs that require transportation to practices and games.

More significant changes to child custody may be appropriate based on other circumstances. These may include health issues that affect a parent's ability to care for children or other concerns about children's safety and well-being, such as one parent's belief that the other parent has engaged in substance abuse or criminal activity. In these situations, a parent may believe that restrictions should be put in place to protect their children, such as limiting the other parent's visitation time or requiring them to abstain from using alcohol or drugs before or during their periods of visitation. Parental relocation may also require significant modifications to child custody and visitation, and in these cases, a parent will typically need to seek approval from the court before they can relocate.

When requesting child custody modifications, a parent will usually need to show that the circumstances of at least one of the parties involved (including either parent or the couple's children) have changed substantially. Major life changes may qualify, and a parent will need to demonstrate that these changes require adjustments to the terms and conditions of conservatorship, modifications to the times that children spend with parents, or other changes to their child custody agreement. They will also need to demonstrate that their requested modifications will provide for the children's best interests.

We recognize that every custody situation is different, and we treat each case as a unique matter. As your attorneys, we will sit down and listen to all aspects of your story, and we will help you formulate a strategy to solve your problem. If we represent you in a custody matter, we will personally handle your entire case, from start to finish. You will not be passed off to an assistant, associate, or paralegal.

Contact Our San Antonio Child Custody Modification Lawyers

If you believe that your child custody orders should be modified, or if you need to respond to a modification request by the other parent, our attorneys can advise you on how to proceed. We will provide you with representation to ensure that your parental rights and your children's best interests will be protected. Contact us and arrange an initial consultation by calling 210-201-3832.

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