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San Antonio Fathers’ Rights Lawyer

Bexar County fathers' rights lawyer

What Are My Rights As A Father In San Antonio?

Children deserve to have close, continuing relationships with their parents, regardless of whether parents are married, divorced, unmarried, or separated. When a couple is no longer together, both parents should be able to remain closely involved in their children's lives. However, fathers may struggle to maintain positive relationships with their children, and when addressing issues related to child custody, they can sometimes feel sidelined and treated as the "lesser" parent. Fortunately, fathers have rights, and by taking the correct steps with the help of a family law attorney, they can ensure that they will be able to be a strong, supportive presence in their children's lives.

The law firm of Brandon Wong & Associates believes in protecting the rights of fathers and helping families find child custody solutions that will provide for children's best interests. We work to facilitate a stable environment for children that will allow them to build and maintain lasting relationships with both parents. We can help fathers negotiate child custody agreements that will allow them to work together peacefully and respectfully with their co-parents to raise their children. If necessary, we may also advocate for a father to maintain primary or sole custody if that would be the most beneficial solution to protect his children's best interests.

What Fathers Need to Know About Their Parental Rights

In the past, family courts would often grant sole or primary custody of children to the mother in a divorce, while allowing the father to have visitation time. These solutions may have been appropriate in situations where a mother was a homemaker who was primarily responsible for managing childcare and household responsibilities, while a father was a family's primary breadwinner who spent less time at home. However, these arrangements are far less common than they once were.

In most of today's families, mothers and fathers play an equal role in earning income, addressing financial responsibilities, caring for children, and managing household duties. The approach taken by family courts has changed to address this new reality. In Texas, the laws addressing child custody are gender-neutral. Mothers are no longer presumed to be the primary parent, and fathers have equal rights and responsibilities toward their children.

Even with these changes, some fathers may feel that they are at a disadvantage in family law cases. They may worry that they will be portrayed as someone who is not as interested in their kids' lives or who is focused on work-related responsibilities rather than caring for their children. However, fathers deserve to be able to spend time with their children and take an active role in their upbringing. Most of the time, fathers will be able to share joint legal custody (conservatorship) of their children, and even if they do not have an equal amount of parenting time, they will be able to have regular visitation time in which children will stay with them in their homes.

Our attorneys provide support for fathers from when a child is born until they reach adulthood. For unmarried fathers, we can help establish paternity so that the foundation of their rights is not in question. We can help unmarried and divorcing fathers create workable child custody agreements, as well as fair child support orders that properly reflect their financial situations. We can also offer continued support as needed, including assisting with modifications of child custody based on changes in a family's circumstances, enforcement of visitation orders, or responding to parental relocation requests.

Contact Our Bexar County Fathers' Rights Attorneys

Our attorneys are award-winning legal advocates who believe in the importance of both mothers and fathers alike. We can help fathers remain vigilant as they seek to protect their parental rights, and we can provide guidance on the best ways to address legal issues in a way that will protect children's best interests. To get the legal representation you need in your family law case, contact our office today by calling 210-201-3832 and scheduling an appointment with an experienced lawyer.

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