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San Antonio Family Law Attorney

Bexar County family law lawyer

More Than a Decade of Experience in Family Law Matters

When spouses, parents, or other family members need to address legal issues that affect their family relationships, they will often be unsure about the procedures they will need to follow. Family court cases can have a long-lasting impact on multiple people, and if a person does not take the proper steps to protect themselves, they could be stuck in a difficult situation or be placed in a position where they will struggle financially. When faced with a potentially life-changing family law matter, you want an attorney who has the experience to handle your case, who is recognized as a leader in the law, and who is willing to provide you with the personal care and attention you deserve.

Brandon Wong & Associates is a family law firm located in San Antonio. Our lawyers have extensive experience in multiple types of cases affecting family members, and we are positioned to handle everything from an uncontested divorce or change of child custody to a contentious property division case or high-asset divorce. We have a reputation for treating our clients with respect while maintaining professionalism as we advocate on their behalf.

Helping You Face Family Law Challenges Successfully

We provide our clients with strong representation as they address legal issues, and we can assist with a broad range of family law matters, including:

Contact Our San Antonio Family Law Firm

We offer initial consultations to anyone who needs to discuss a family law issue with an experienced lawyer. Feel free to call our office at 210-201-3832 to schedule your consultation. You may also send us an email with your information, and we will contact you.

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