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Protect your special needs child following divorce

Posted on in Family Law

Being the parent of a special needs child can be daunting and lonely. It may often feel like nobody quite understands exactly what struggles you’re going through — nor do they understand your fears for your child’s future. After all, children with special needs eventually become adults with special needs.

In Texas, it’s important to understand that child support does not necessarily end once a special-needs child turns 18 years of age. In fact, the obligation your ex-spouse has to pay child support may continue for as long as your child is alive.

When deciding whether or not child support should continue past a dependent’s 18th birthday, the court may consider whatever evidence it thinks is relevant. You may be able to show that your child needs things like:

  • Medical supplies or treatment that isn’t covered by insurance
  • Therapy, including behavioral therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and more
  • Specialized transportation, including a modified vehicle
  • Modifications to an adult child’s living space that improve their standard of living
  • Caregivers, including in-home aides or nurses or relief care
  • Comfort items, including furniture, entertainment and other items that will help meet the adult child’s emotional needs

The issue of child support after adulthood can become very complicated because there are many different things that have to be considered, including how ongoing support can be managed so that it doesn’t interfere with any public benefits the adult child receives, like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.

Our office understands what you are going through. Our attorneys have personal experience with special needs children that gives them unique insight into what needs to be done to protect your child’s well-being. Contact our office to learn more.

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