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When You Have A Child With Special Needs

Work With An Attorney Who Has Stood In Your Shoes

Parents of children with special needs understand the unconditional love and indescribable joy these children can bring to a family. If you are the parent of a disabled child, you also know that the road ahead will not be easy for your child. You would do anything in your power to protect your child, but even determining where to start can be daunting and stressful.

At Brandon Wong & Associates, in San Antonio, we have more than a decade of experience standing up for parents of kids with special needs. Attorneys from our law firm have received a number of awards and honors, including being named among the Top 50 Family Attorneys by Scene In S.A. magazine.

Helping parents care for the health and well-being of their children with special needs is something we hold close to our hearts. We are committed to seeing parents maintain strong relationships with their children. We understand the unique issues that may arise related to health care, education and other matters when children have been diagnosed with conditions like a learning disability, autism, cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. We recognize that parents may conflict over what is best for the child, and our objective is always to look out for the child’s best interest.

“Under Texas law, child support obligations for children with disabilities run indefinitely. The obligation to provide financial assistance does not end when a child turns 18.”

Your Child Is Special | Your Plan Must Respond To His Or Her Unique Needs

We know how to successfully navigate government and other administrative systems and put in place the legal protections your child needs. We will use our resources and our extensive network to:

  • Help you obtain and enforce child support orders
  • Collect unpaid child support for the benefit of disabled minors and adults
  • Specially craft child custody and visitation agreements that addresses the unique needs of your child
  • Assist with long-term care planning
  • Establish a special needs trust that does not interfere with government benefits such as Medicaid
  • Find programs and classes that can help you deal with a new diagnosis
  • Connect you with specific medical and educational professionals who can help your child

We Welcome All Calls From Parents With Special Needs Children

Our goal is to help you ensure that you have the right legal tools in place and access to the professionals you need to help care for your child. Please call our office at 210-201-1630 or send us your information if you would like to schedule a initial consultation with our lawyer.