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Do family law attorneys recommend postnuptial agreements?

Posted on in Family Law

Each family law issue is unique in several ways. They are unique because of the people involved and the nature of the problems they may be experiencing. For these reasons and others, it is always wise to speak with a lawyer before formalizing any marital agreement. With that said, the short answer to your question is yes, family law attorneys do often recommend postnuptial agreements for Texas couples experiencing marital difficulties.

You should also understand just what a postnup could do for your relationship. Often, one of the biggest areas of conflict between couples revolves around finances. A marital agreement can address this aspect of a relationship by specifying financial arrangements should divorce or separation occur.

Postnuptial agreements may also address family law matters like property division, child support and debt division. Having such a legal contract in place if divorce becomes a possibility can reduce or eliminate much of the conflict that goes hand-in-hand with ending a marriage.

In some cases, couples can use postnuptial agreements to spell out marital responsibilities such as the division of labor in the home and other domestic issues. However, it would not be wise to use this legal tool in a frivolous way or to violate your spouse’s rights.

While no one likes to think about divorce, it is a possibility in all marriages. Choosing to protect yourself and your financial security in divorce is never a bad idea and a postnup is one way you can acquire this protection. You can get details specific to your current situation by talking with a family law attorney.

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