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Child Protective Services appeals sanctions over removal

Posted on in Family Law

The Harris County division of Child Protective Services (CPS) in Texas is appealing a fine of $127,000. A judge levied the fine after he determined that the agency acted in a way that was both malicious and deceitful when removing a young child from his home. The agency then lied to the court to prevent his return even after it was clear that he was not the victim of abuse.

We recently discussed this case in our blog as an example of how CPS workers are sometimes inexplicably motivated to exert their authority over parents and families — to the exclusion of right or reason.

The agency initially removed two small children from their parents’ care after one was suspected of being abused. Medical professionals quickly determined that the child was actually the victim of a medical disorder — but the agency barreled ahead with their restrictions on the family. Workers then purposefully hid the medical evidence in the case from the judge.

The agency has also been ordered to put employees through mandatory retraining, with the hopes that no family will undergo a similar problem. The agency has agreed to complete the mandatory training even as it is appealing the fine.

CPS still claims that its actions were “appropriate.” That seems like a stretch, given the facts of the case. The judge stated that the agency completely “abused the legal process” after the child’s initial removal. The judge even felt compelled to order the agency to stay away from the family at the heart of the case.

If Child Protective Services is involved in your family’s affairs, don’t attempt to handle the situation yourself. A family law attorney can protect your rights and your family’s future.

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