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Selena’s brother A.B. Quintanilla arrested for support nonpayment

Posted on in Family Law

“Everybody needs to pay child support and take care of their children. That’s the job, no matter who you are,” said the attorney who has been representing A.B. Quintanilla’s ex in a child support case against the musician.

Quintanilla, 53, is the brother of the late Tejano singing phenomenon Selena Quintanilla. He is a former member of her group, Selena y Los Dinos, and a founder of Los Kumbia Kings and Elektro Kumbia. Until last Wednesday, he was also a member of the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office’s Top 10 most wanted for nonpayment of child support and contempt of court, according to KSAT 12 San Antonio.

He is no longer on that Top 10 list. At a hearing on Aug. 16, he agreed to pay $87,000 in child support arrears, $45,000 for a previous order, and medical expenses for his son — for a total of $130,000, according to

He was also taken into custody for contempt of court. A Nueces County judge revoked his community supervision and remanded him to jail.

“Child support is meant to be taken seriously,” said the judge. “The fact that you ignored my orders for years basically makes me think that you do not take this court very seriously.”

The judge will schedule a hearing soon to determine if he “understands what it is to be a father” and is ready to be released.

History of ‘misunderstandings’ surrounding nonpayment of child support

People Chica notes thatQuintanilla told the Spanish-language magazine TVyNovelas, “I am the victim of a misunderstanding. Placing me among the top ten is totally unfair.”

Quintanilla was expected in court on Aug. 4 but failed to appear, apparently due to a miscommunication by his attorney. At that hearing, his attorney said, “[Quintanilla] has paid all the child support he’s supposed to pay, and as soon as we know what that amount is, I have a feeling he’s going to write a cashier’s check for the full amount.”

The Texas Attorney General’s Office says the last child support payment Quintanilla paid was on September 2015 — in the amount of $16.84, according to KRISTV Corpus Christi.

“I am going to have you sit in the jail, and I want you to think about two things,” the judge said. “I want you to think about your responsibility as a father, and I want you to think of the rights of your child.”

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