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Child Support Enforcement

Child support is only helpful when you actually receive it. Sometimes the help of an experienced lawyer is necessary if you haven’t been paid the child support to which you are entitled.

Getting The Result That Counts

Our attorneys are known throughout San Antonio and Texas for enforcing child support orders – not for the purpose of punishing delinquency, but for the purpose of getting the money my clients and their kids need to survive. we know how to get court orders enforced as quickly as possible. We can assist you regarding:

  • Current support you are owed for younger children
  • Lump-sum payments that may be available
  • Back child support, including older cases
  • The fastest ways to recover child support
  • When child support is and is not collectible
  • Payment that has become collectible because of an increase in a parent’s income
  • Incarceration as an option when child support has gone unpaid
  • Enforcement actions against you for support you owe – this can include taking steps to keep you out of jail

Many other lawyers refer child support collection cases to our office. We can use our extensive experience to help you resolve your case.

San Antonio Lawyers For Child Support Enforcement

Contact us for advice about any child support matter. At Brandon Wong & Associates, we will be honest and straightforward about your chances of collecting or being compelled to pay support. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your legal needs.