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Deadbeat parents are publicly identified in Texas

Posted on in Family Law

A total of 16 “deadbeat” parents — including 14 fathers and two mothers — have been publicly identified by the Texas Attorney General’s Office for failing to provide financially for their children. Combined, they owe an incredible $1.2 million in unpaid support for their children. Six of those parents owe more than $100,000 each.

The state released the parents’ names and photos in a media statement just in time for Father’s Day — an intentional effort to draw attention to the serious way that the state regards the failure to live up to a child support obligation.

If you’re owed child support, here are some of the most important facts you need to know:

1. A lack of income does not excuse a parent’s child support obligation. If a parent is unable to pay the support he or she owes, it is up to that parent to approach the court to ask for a modification order.

2. Child support obligations do not go away when a parent files bankruptcy or moves out of state. Absent a modification, that debt will continue and accrue interest.

3. Unpaid support obligations do not end when a child becomes an adult. You have the right to try to collect past-due child support even well after your child is of age.

4. There are methods that can be used to collect past-due child support. In the cases above, those deadbeat parents are now facing warrants for their arrest. While they may escape justice for a while, it’s increasingly difficult for people to fly “under the radar” of the law for long in a society that is increasingly digital.

If you’re frustrated about the refusal of your ex to pay child support, seek out more information about the options available.

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