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What Happens If You Do Not Get Child Support in Texas?

 Posted on November 28, 2023 in Divorce

Bexar County child support lawyerHaving child support withheld can create major financial stress and hurt a child’s well-being. If your child’s other parent is violating a support order issued by a Texas court, take action to enforce it. A Texas lawyer can help you fight for the child support you are owed.

File for Enforcement

You have legal options if child support is not paid. File a motion with the court that issued the support order requesting enforcement. Include payment history showing nonpayment and ask that payments be deducted from the parent’s paycheck or other sources.

Request a Contempt Order

Ask the court to hold the nonpaying parent in contempt for disobeying a court order. This can result in fines or jail time until compliance. A contempt finding also goes on their record, which can impact future child-related proceedings.

Review and Modify the Order

If the parent cannot pay the current amount due to job loss or other substantial change in circumstances, file to modify the child support order based on their updated financial situation. Some payment is better than none when you are counting on the support.

Suspend Licenses

The court can suspend the driver’s, professional, and recreational licenses of a parent who owes back child support. This strong-arm incentive quickly prompts payments when earnings and assets are unavailable for garnishing.

Intercept IRS Tax Refunds

Overdue support can be taken out of federal income tax refunds. Provide information to child support enforcement agencies, and they will seize the other parent’s refund money. Many people who owe child support end up paying up to avoid this.

Report Them to Credit Bureaus

If back child support remains unpaid, it can be recorded in credit reports. This impacts their ability to get loans or credit cards. Some parents will then pay to avoid credit damage.

File Liens Against Assets

Liens can be placed on the parent’s property and assets through child support authorities. The assets can then be seized and sold to pay towards what is owed if the parent does not make payments.

Contact a Bexar County, TX Child Support Lawyer

Court orders must be followed. Having legal representation on your side can help fight for your child support. Call Brandon Wong & Associates at 210-201-3832 for a private consultation to start working with a San Antonio, TX child support attorney. We will get to work to pursue your legal objectives. 

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