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How to determine the length of your divorce proceeding

 Posted on May 21, 2019 in Firm News

Divorce can be a messy process. That is why couples pursuing divorce would do well to look into various services that can help them come to a more amicable agreement. For example, one Texas woman offers co-parenting classes to couples. Even though Texas courts do not mandate such classes, they can provide a major benefit to former spouses.

Another major consideration before heading into divorce involves knowing how long the proceedings will take. Each case is different. Some couples can finish everything in a few months, while other couples will be in court for over a year. There are various factors to look at to figure out how long you can expect to debate with your spouse until you settle everything.

The mandatory waiting period

Divorces in Texas cannot receive full finalization until 60 days after initially filing the divorce paperwork. It is possible for a judge to waive this waiting period, but those instances are few and far between. Knowing that you have at least 60 days before you can divorce fully, you should use that time wisely to get as much settled as possible.

Agreements on basic issues

During those 60 days, you should meet with a mediator to discuss important details of the divorce. The more you can settle outside of court, the faster the divorce will go. There are many mediators you and your spouse can meet with to reach a consensus. You may not be able to agree on everything, but if you can agree on all the important matters, then the divorce proceedings will go much much more quickly.

The anticipation of major issues

While it would be nice to complete a divorce in 60 days, that is not usually the case. For example, if you and your spouse have children, own a lot of property together or own a business, then you should expect a longer divorce.

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