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Here are the custody issues you and your ex will fight about

Rearing a child is hugely rewarding -- but it isn't easy. Every parent struggles with the decisions they have to make. That struggle can be compounded, however, when a parent is divorced and you and your ex-spouse aren't on the same page about your parenting plans.

How much do temporary custody orders matter?

iStock-1156224842.jpgIn Texas and other states alike, temporary orders are used to establish some operating terms while a couple goes through a divorce. They can allocate the use of the marital home and cars, establish support amounts and even determine who pays what share of the household bills until the divorce is settled.

How should you handle custody of your teen?

handle-custody.pngBeing a teen isn't easy. Their bodies and emotions are often in flux at this age. There are pressures put on them to do well in school and extracurricular activities and to prepare themselves for adulthood. All of this can be difficult for them to manage. If their parents announce that they're getting divorced, this may add another level of complexity to a teen's life, especially if they have to travel between their mom's and dad's homes.

Don't just pick up and travel abroad with your kids post-divorce

iStock-1006697132.jpgWhen you and your child's other parent divorce, it's common for you to want to maintain a semblance of normalcy in their lives. If you have traditionally traveled abroad with your kids to visit family or on a school break before, then you may assume that you can continue to do so once you and your ex split up. That's not always the case though. It could leave you at risk of losing custody and put you at risk for criminal charges if you do.

Who engages in parental alienation?

iStock-913017856.jpgThere's a thin line between love and hate -- and that's never more obvious than when someone channels all of their anger, grief and disappointment at a failed marriage into demonizing the spouse they supposedly once loved. When they involve the children in that process, ultimately playing games with their affection and turning their ex-spouse into the enemy of all, that's parental alienation.

Texas judge's Facebook post stirs trouble in custody case

gavel.jpgThere's been a very public and highly-charged custody case going on in Texas regarding a transgender child that has conservative lawmakers and action groups in an uproar. We've discussed the many twists and turns in this case before -- but a new incident has now thrown the case back into the spotlight prematurely -- and illustrates some of the dangers of trying a custody case in modern times.

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