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3 tips to make the best of supervised visitations

 Posted on September 02, 2017 in Blog

Sometimes you do not get as much visitation or custody as you want. In certain cases, you get supervised visitation. You know these visits can be difficult regardless of how excited you are to connect with your child. With a third party observing everything, you might feel awkward or inhibited. These visitations may also take place in unnatural settings.

However, you do not need to dread each visit. You can do some simple things to make these interactions easier and more fun for everyone involved.

1. Get creative

You do not need to just sit around and have a dull conversation with your child. Why not bring a board game to play next time? You could also bring some crafts to make. There is nothing better than food, so you could also make a fun snack with your child. These activities are simple but can provide plenty of laughter and enjoyment for you and your child.

2. Follow the schedule

If you only have supervised visitation, you need to make every second count. Adhere to your visitation schedule as best as you can. Do not cancel your visits unless there is an emergency, and try your best to be punctual every time. Show up on time or even a few minutes early to show you care.

3. Avoid negative conversations

There might be a lot of animosity left over from your divorce. You might feel like you are unfairly treated with restricted visitations. However, you should refrain from talking about the divorce or court actions. You should also avoid making negative comments about the visitation time or your ex.

It may be difficult to avoid all awkwardness and negativity, but you should make a consistent effort. As long as you follow the rules, make things fun and keep conversations positive, you can make the most of your time to bond with your child.

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