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What do your children want to tell you during your divorce?

what-do-your-children-want-to-tell-you-during-your-divorce.jpgAs a parent, you don't want to burden your child with too many details about your divorce. It's not healthy. Unfortunately, you may also not know exactly what to say to your child about your divorce, either.

If communication between you and your children regarding your divorce seems to be at a standstill, here are some of the things that people say they wish their parents had known to tell them when they were kids and their parents were divorcing:

Divorcing and have a special-needs child? Read this

Divorcing-and-have-a-special-needs-childDivorce with children involved is always complex -- but especially so when that child has special needs.

Under Texas laws, child support doesn't automatically end when a special needs child turns 18. It can continue indefinitely. That's why it is particularly important for divorcing couples to plan ahead for a special needs child during their divorce.

What can make divorce more expensive than normal?

What-can-make-divorce-more-expensive-than-normal.jpgAccording to the most recent information available, the average divorce in this country costs right around $15,000. While that sounds like a lot of money, keep in mind the fact that it's an average -- which means that some divorces cost substantially less and others cost a great deal more. How much your divorce ultimately will cost depends a lot on both you and your spouse.

The child custody evaluation: What to do now

child-custody-evaluation.jpgAre you and your ex-spouse fighting over sole custody of your child. While increasingly uncommon, these kinds of battles do happen -- especially when one or both parents allege that the other parent is unfit.

At some point, you can usually expect to be faced with a custody evaluation. Here are some tips to help you get through the whole process:

Common causes of marital stress

Common-causes-of-marital-stress.jpgAll marriages face stress, but not all marriages end in divorce. Whether you get a divorce depends on the issues you face and how you deal with them. You and your spouse are likely to deal with a variety of problems throughout your marriage and have different ideas of how to resolve them. 

If you and your partner are able to work together to resolve conflict, your marriage may survive. But if the relationship is combative or unhealthy, stressors may lead to divorce. Here are some common causes of marital stress that often end in breakups. 

Why is it so hard to leave a narcissistic spouse?

Narcissisitic-spouse.jpgOne of the hallmarks of a narcissistic spouse is that they start out as a loving partner. They may have even put you on a pedestal for a time.

Then, suddenly, you can do no right. You find yourself walking on eggshells. You feel guilty all the time because everything you do seems to upset them. Further, your attempts to communicate fall apart because your spouse seems to think that the problem is all yours -- and that you are not understanding and sympathetic enough.

4 things every divorcing parent should know about child support

divorce-child-support.jpgIf you're a parent who is heading toward a divorce, child support may be your biggest worry -- whether you expect to pay it or receive it.

Here's the most important piece of advice you need to hear about child support before you start making any plans: Your situation is unique. You cannot base your expectations on anyone else's divorce and child support obligation. The smart thing to do is to talk to a family law attorney about your situation before you develop any expectations for the future.

How can you make shared custody workable?

Shared-Custody.jpgShared custody is rapidly becoming favored by judges in family courts everywhere -- but parents are often leery about making it work. After all, it's hard to envision working with your ex-spouse on a regular basis (even if it is for the benefit of the children) when you can't stand to be under the same roof together.

You can make it work.

Deadbeat parents are publicly identified in Texas

child-support.jpgA total of 16 "deadbeat" parents -- including 14 fathers and two mothers -- have been publicly identified by the Texas Attorney General's Office for failing to provide financially for their children. Combined, they owe an incredible $1.2 million in unpaid support for their children. Six of those parents owe more than $100,000 each.

The state released the parents' names and photos in a media statement just in time for Father's Day -- an intentional effort to draw attention to the serious way that the state regards the failure to live up to a child support obligation.

What happens to student loans when you get divorced?


When you got married, you dreamed of building a life together with your spouse. Since divorce wasn't even something you considered, you adopted the "share and share alike" mentality that's common for newly married couples.

Now, however, your marriage has crumbled, and you have been spending some sleepless nights anxiously worrying about what happens to certain things -- like student loans -- after you're divorced.

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