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Divorce movies to help you cope with your own split

movies.jpgMovies help people relax and take their minds off their woes, so why would you want to watch a movie about a divorce when you're already going through one?

Since you're "outside looking in," you can see things a little more clearly than the characters in the film. When the film relates back to your own life, that's a new way to gain some perspective on your situation. Besides, when you're going through a divorce, the last thing you may feel like watching is another romantic comedy on the Hallmark channel.

Protect your special needs child following divorce

special-child.jpgBeing the parent of a special needs child can be daunting and lonely. It may often feel like nobody quite understands exactly what struggles you're going through -- nor do they understand your fears for your child's future. After all, children with special needs eventually become adults with special needs.

In Texas, it's important to understand that child support does not necessarily end once a special-needs child turns 18 years of age. In fact, the obligation your ex-spouse has to pay child support may continue for as long as your child is alive.

3 places your soon-to-be ex-spouse may be hiding assets

iStock-1032543788.jpgIf you are contemplating divorce, you likely have a million things on your mind, but you should not have to worry about losing your fair share of marital wealth. After all, Texas law requires spouses to divide marital assets based upon what is just and right. 

Unfortunately, divorcing spouses are not always honest about marital property. If you suspect your spouse of hiding assets, you likely want to add a forensic accountant to your divorce team. Furthermore, you may want to watch for evidence that your spouse is not being honest about marital property. While there are many places an unscrupulous spouse may try to hide marital wealth in the leadup to a divorce, here are three common ones: 

How a Texas child custody case spotlights transgender issues

iStock-516294624.jpgTexas has captured the nation's attention -- albeit involuntarily -- when it comes to the rights of transgender children due to a custody case that has been setting the tone for what can happen when two parents disagree very deeply on what's best for their child.

At issue is the gender-identity of one 7-year-old child. Although biologically male, the child's mother asserts that the child has identified as a girl since the age of 5 -- and her gender expression was already evident well before then. In her corner, she has the testimony of family members, physicians, school staff members and a jury's decision granting her full custody of the child.

Distance doesn't mean you have to disconnect from your kids

distance.pngAfter a divorce, it isn't uncommon for parents to end up some distance from each other. One parent may be pursuing a career to make life better for his or her children while the other parent thinks that it is more important to stick close to family, friends and other sources of support. Naturally, parents who are a distance from their children worry that they're going to lose those precious parent-child bonds.

It doesn't have to be that way. Even if a parent is going to be at a distance from their kids most of the year, there are ways to manage the situation. Plans can even be written into your custody agreement to offer reassurance, provide guidelines for behavior and settle visitation disputes.

Don't let your spouse waste the marital assets

image-blog.pngYou may think you know your spouse pretty well, but all bets go out the window when a divorce is on the horizon. Anger, jealousy, spite or flat-out greed can make people do unexpected things.

Embittered spouses who know a divorce is coming have been known to wipe out the joint savings account or blow up the joint credit cards in any number of ways, including:

  • Luxury purchases, including expensive new cars or boats
  • Lavish gifts or support for a new romantic partner
  • Expensive elective surgery designed to make themselves more attractive
  • Extensive renovations on a home or building that is their personal property
  • Buying an entire household worth of new furniture and other items for use after the divorce is over
  • Buying entire new wardrobes, including expensive jewelry
  • Gambling or high-risk investment schemes

Filing out the federal financial aid form after your divorce

Federal-Finacial.jpgIt's that time of year again when parents of college-aged children are busy filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the coming school year. While any parent can find the FAFSA intimidating and hard to follow, parents who have recently separated or getting a divorce may be completely unsure how to proceed.

Here's some information that may help you:

  • The parent who fills out the FAFSA is the one that the student lived with the most over the last 12-month period.
  • This may or may not be the parent who was awarded physical custody of the child in the divorce.
  • If the custody was split evenly and it's impossible to say which parent has custody for the purpose of federal student aid, the parent who financially supported the child the most fills out the FAFSA.
  • Child support payments count as income for the child on the FAFSA.
  • Alimony paid by the noncustodial parent must be disclosed on the FAFSA by the custodial parent as a source of income.
  • If there's any question about which parent is considered the custodial parent, the school's financial aid department will make the decision.
  • The decision may take into account which parent claimed the child on his or her taxes and which parent has the greater income.

Money issues that often end marriages

money-issues-that-often-end-marriages.jpgFinancial issues are some of the most common reasons modern marriages fall apart. Some financial issues, in particular, are often more damaging than others. Money issues are so common within modern marriages, in fact, that CNBC reports that more than 35% of people cite financial troubles as their biggest marital problem.

Just what types of financial issues are most likely to lead to strife within a marriage?

Why you need a prenup even if you don't own anything

prenup.jpgThe best time to talk about a prenuptial agreement is, quite frankly, when you have no intention of needing one. It can be difficult, however, to see the point of a prenup when you're young, broke and running mostly on dreams.

It's those dreams you need to protect.

Make custody mediation work for you

make-custody-mediation-work-for-you.jpgAre you nervously anticipating your first mediation session over your child custody issues? You aren't alone. Most parents who are going through a divorce feel the same anxiety when they're trying to settle such an important issue.

Well, take heart: You're already on the right path to a peaceful compromise with your soon-to-be ex-spouse over the kids because you've chosen to try mediation. While mediation isn't always successful, the willingness to negotiate is always a positive sign.

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