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Thinking about divorce? Ask yourself a few questions first

The decision to divorce is, arguably, a much harder decision than the one you made when you got married. When people decide to get married, they're full of optimism and dreams of a future together. When they're contemplating divorce, they tend to be keenly aware of what feels like "wasted time" and the loss of their dream life.

So, are you really ready for a divorce? Should you stay a little longer and give things one more try? Here are some questions you need to consider before you decide to divorce:

3 child support mistakes for breadwinning fathers to avoid

As the breadwinner of your family, divorce is particularly complicated, both legally and financially. You may be on the hook for paying child support. Divorce is expensive and complex in general, but with the addition of monthly payments, it can be overwhelming. 

There are plenty of misconceptions about child support. The emotions associated with divorce can also cloud your judgment. All of this may lead you to make costly mistakes. Here are some major child support errors to avoid during and after the divorce. 

Texas child abducted by parent found after more than a year

Texas-child-abducted-by-parent.jpgThe family of a nine-year-old Houston boy is celebrating after the child was located by authorities in Florida. He has been missing since the end of 2017 -- the victim of parental abduction.

According to authorities, the child's father left Texas with the child, who was just seven at the time, without telling the boy's mother.

Disparate impact discovered on children's education after divorce

Disparate-impact-discovered.jpgThe state of your family prior to your divorce can have a major difference in your children's academic prospects after that divorce -- but the result of a new study from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) say that the effect may be counterintuitive to what most people think.

What's the state of your home life prior to the divorce?

Having a parent's rights involuntarily terminated in Texas

Having a parent's rights involuntarily terminated in TexasEvery so often, a client wants to know if there's a way to involuntarily terminate the parental rights of their child's other parent.

Terminating someone's parental rights isn't an easy proposition -- it's definitely nothing to be done lightly. However, there are times it's the right thing to consider. Sometimes, a parent goes absent for years without showing any sign of support for the child. Sometimes, someone should just never have been a parent in the first place.

How Texas determines the "best interests of the child"

How Texas determines the best interests of the childAs a resident of Texas who finds yourself involved in a child custody case, you will undoubtedly hear the term "the best interests of the child" referenced regularly throughout court proceedings. While, in some cases, it is relatively easy for courts to determine which parent or person seeking custody would provide a better environment for a child, in other situations, both people seeking custody may prove suitable guardians.

Therefore, the courts needed to come up with a way to make custody decisions that consider the best interests of the child, as opposed to the bad things two parents or potential guardians might have to say about one another. So, what exactly does a judge or court consider when trying to determine the best interests of a child?

6 deadbeat parents arrested in Texas

iStock-910238414.pngTexas is serious about a parent's obligation to support their children. If you have any doubt about it, just take a look at some of the recent arrests that have been made for failure to pay support.

In what has been described as a "multi-agency operation" orchestrated by the combined efforts of the Longview Police Department, the Texas Attorney General Office and the Gregg County Sheriff, six major offenders who had skipped out on their child support payments were taken into custody.

The 4 things people do that lead to divorce

iStock-950156398.pngA lot of people have a hard time putting their finger on exactly what went wrong in their marriage -- or when. Unless there was a shocking act of betrayal, infidelity or addiction, most marriages simply breakdown slowly until there just doesn't seem a good reason to stay married any longer.

But, why? Well, researchers have found that there are essentially four behaviors that tend to drive marriages into a grave. Here they are in a nutshell:

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