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Are you ready for a divorce?

How do you know if you're ready to get a divorce? If your spouse asks for one, you may have no choice. However, what if you and your spouse seem to just be uneasily drifting along, unhappily together? When is it time to call an end to a marriage?

Experts say that people often think about divorce for a long time -- but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're ready for the reality of it. How do you know that you're ready for divorce?

Stepparent adoption: Important considerations and tips

Adopting a stepchild can be a wonderful experience -- and a move that will cement your family together forever. However, stepparent adoptions have some unique concerns that should be addressed.

Let's talk about some of those concerns and discuss ways to deal with the issues that may arise:

Surviving Valentine's Day after your divorce or separation

Surviving Valentine's Day after your divorce or separationIs your first Valentine's Day following your divorce or separation coming up?

The first "anything" important after a breakup -- especially when it's the end of a marriage, not just a romance -- can be rough. However, Valentine's Day is especially poignant for many people going through a separation or divorce because of its romantic connotations. Anyone who is used to being part of a couple is probably excruciatingly conscious of being alone on that day in particular.

Child's age at parents' divorce linked to mental health needs

Child's age at parents' divorce linked to mental health needsA study from the Centre for Fertility and Health is drawing attention in the medical community because of what it has to say about how divorce affects the chances that a child will suffer from depression.

The study, which was carried out in Norway, looked at the correlation between divorce and the use of antidepressant medication by the children of divorced parents once those children became adults between 20 years of age and 44 years of age. Essentially, the study determined that someone whose parents divorced when they were very young (under the age of 4) were the most likely to need antidepressant medication as they got older. Those who were between the age of 15-19 when their parents divorced were 12 percent less likely to need antidepressants later. Those who were already adults when their parents divorced were 19 percent less likely to need antidepressants in the future.

Signs your spouse may be hiding financial information

Signs your spouse may be hiding financial informationProperty division can be a major concern for divorcing couples in Texas. Unfortunately, some attempt to gain an unfair advantage by concealing assets or income to keep a greater share or avoid having to pay spousal support.

Knowing some red flags for deceptive behavior can help you become aware of suspicious activities early on. If this is the case, let your attorney know at once. It is possible to take steps, such as hiring a forensic accountant, to track the missing assets and help you protect your interests.

Take the right steps if you can't make your support payments

Take the right steps if you can't make your support paymentsThe government shutdown of 2018-2019 has left approximately 800,000 federal workers without pay -- but that's just the start of the real human toll that's being exacted from the budget fight being waged. The families of all of those federal workers are also affected.

What do you do if you are a federal worker who has now missed a paycheck while the government shutdown goes on and you owe child support or spousal support (or both)? You know that it's uncertain whether or not you'll eventually see your back pay -- and you may have no idea how long it will take since it's far from automatic.

The January rush toward divorce has begun: Why it happens

The January rush toward divorce has begun: Why it happensThe first Monday following New Year's Day is a busy day in many attorney offices. That's the day that a lot of unhappy couples pick up the phone and start the process toward ending their marriages.

Why the rush every January? It has a lot to do with the factors that lead to a divorce in the first place:

  • Money troubles -- which are often exacerbated by the excesses of holiday spending
  • Interpersonal troubles -- which can be amplified the more time a couple spends together
  • Drinking problems -- which can be aggravated by all that holiday "cheer" that's available
  • General disinterest -- which can creep up on a couple over time and leave a marriage feeling dry and unfulfilling

Could divorce send your collection to the auction block?

Could divorce send your collection to the auction block?Auctioneers say that there are three big "Ds" that send art and other collectibles to the auction block: debt, death and divorce. Could your divorce result in a lifelong collection of art or other valuables being put up for auction?

It depends.

Texas divorce mix-up causes Michigan couple some trouble

Texas divorce mix-up causes Michigan couple some troubleThe road to "happily ever after" can be full of unexpected twists and turns. That was certainly true for one Michigan couple after they found out that the wife's Texas divorce was never finalized decades before.

Both halves of the couple appear to have struggled to find true love before meeting on MySpace in 2010. The husband, a father of four, had divorced in 2000. The wife, a mother of five, had divorced her first husband way back in 1993 -- or so she thought.

How to tell your school-age child about your divorce

How to tell your school-age child about your divorceThe prospect of telling your child about your divorce may be scary. It can be a tender and heartbreaking moment for everyone. However, it is a vital discussion to have.

How you tell your kid about the end of your marriage depends on age and maturity. School-age children have enough understanding and experience to understand the basics of what divorce means, but may not be able to process their emotions in a healthy way. Here are some pointers for informing your six to eleven-year-old child about your separation.

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