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Wealthy couple’s feud continues after divorce

 Posted on June 22, 2018 in Divorce

Some couples can’t seem to let go of a bad thing. That’s certainly the case in involving a billionaire couple who ended their 32-year-old marriage on acrimonious terms. Apparently, they still can’t get enough of fighting with each other, and neither seems willing to move on.

The resulting inferno has swept up just about everyone in its wake, including the siblings and other relatives of the 68-year old ex-wife and the employees of the 74-year-old ex-husband. Even people just trying to make deliveries to their homes have been caught up in the ongoing drama.

Soon, a judge will decide whether or not the restraining order obtained by the ex-wife can be made permanent and extended to cover her siblings and others that are involved.

Both ex-spouses allege a pretty extensive list of complaints against the other. The ex-wife has accused the ex-husband of leaving the home he was required to vacate an absolute disaster. She alleges he even used bottles of foul-smelling novelty products to make the house unbearable.

For his part, the ex-husband claims that his ex-wife has done things like ordering his utilities cut off. He also claims she stole a piece of valuable artwork using forgery — even though she actually won it in a coin toss in their divorce. He also has a restraining order out on his ex after an incident where she allegedly threatened him with a knife.

They both have fought hard over everything from the furniture to the family cats. (She won custody, but he has visitation rights.) They both claim the other is vindictive.

Their family, friends and even their employees say that there is no end in sight to the ongoing drama. An attorney for the husband essentially even threw his hands up and told the judge he could no longer figure out a way to stop the fighting or see a resolution. Even police are hoping to see an end to the spying and endless reports.

Perhaps the best lesson that can be taken from a case like this is that divorce can only give you relief from a troubled marriage when you are willing to finally walk away and cease obsessing about the other person or the marriage itself. The true key to happiness may be in embracing your freedom not to care about the other person.

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