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These 4 mistakes will make your divorce harder

 Posted on July 02, 2020 in Divorce

Nobody really ever wants a divorce — they just want to be happy. If you’ve figured out that happiness definitely isn’t with your spouse, however, a divorce is the way you’ve got to go.

Just try to avoid the following mistakes during the process:

1. Don’t start out being aggressive.

Unless you want your situation to get really ugly really fast, take a cooperative approach toward you spouse when it comes to the split. Instead of rattling off a list of demands or making threats, ask your spouse if you can work together to make the split as easy on each other as possible. If this approach fails, there’s plenty of time for an aggressive stance later.

2. Don’t make any major lifestyle changes.

You’ve got a lot going on already with your life, so this isn’t the time to shake things up by quitting your job, getting involved with a new love interest, getting pregnant (or getting someone else pregnant), or going on a spending spree. Some of those things could potentially create massive problems during your divorce when it comes to issues like the division of marital assets and child support — so try to keep your life as steady as possible.

3. Don’t be deceptive.

Hiding your assets or income so that you don’t have to share them in a split isn’t just unethical — it’s illegal. It can get you in big trouble with the judge and open you up to legal sanctions — so just don’t do it. There are plenty of strategies that will let you keep what’s rightfully yours.

4. Don’t get hung up on small things.

You may feel like everything that’s happening to you is entirely unjustified and unfair — and you may be right. However, fighting over the china or the living room set in court out of frustration and anger at your spouse is likely to be counterproductive to your goals — and your wallet. Know when to walk away.

Finally, there’s one last mistake you should avoid: Picking the wrong attorney. Find out more about our services and how we can help you during this time by continuing to review our site.

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