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The January rush toward divorce has begun: Why it happens

 Posted on January 10, 2019 in Divorce

The first Monday following New Year’s Day is a busy day in many attorney offices. That’s the day that a lot of unhappy couples pick up the phone and start the process toward ending their marriages.

Why the rush every January? It has a lot to do with the factors that lead to a divorce in the first place:

  • Money troubles — which are often exacerbated by the excesses of holiday spending
  • Interpersonal troubles — which can be amplified the more time a couple spends together
  • Drinking problems — which can be aggravated by all that holiday “cheer” that’s available
  • General disinterest — which can creep up on a couple over time and leave a marriage feeling dry and unfulfilling

It’s estimated that one out of every five couples starts seriously considering divorce during the holidays — but many choose not to act until the holiday season is over. That’s a reasonable reaction, given the cultural emphasis on “family togetherness” that exists during that season. Asking your spouse for a divorce right before Christmas is considered a pretty terrible gesture.

By the time that January rolls around, couples often reach their limits and have a clearer perspective about why they want to end their marriage. A lot of them are simply determined to put the brakes on their marriage before they get sucked into the cultural expectations surrounding Valentine’s Day. (If there’s a worse time to ask for a divorce than right before Christmas, it’s probably right before Valentine’s Day.)

If you’re still on the fence about getting a divorce, ask yourself what is holding you back. Is there really still hope for your marriage? Or, are you simply delaying the inevitable because you’re dreading the conflict that usually comes with divorce? If you’re unsure about your options, a divorce attorney can help you better understand the divorce process — and what steps you can take to make everything easier.

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