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Post-divorce vacations are the new trend

 Posted on August 09, 2017 in Divorce

There is no question that divorce can be tough. You are bringing an end to a major chapter in your life, and that can be emotional. The divorce process itself can be stressful, especially if you and your spouse are fighting over the outcome. The whole ordeal can take a toll.

So what better time to treat yourself to a vacation than when your divorce is finalized?

Celebrating The Start Of A New Life

In a Travel Weekly article, travel agents say they have seen an uptick in post-divorce vacations. Sometimes it is dads taking their children to domestic locales to bond. Sometimes it is women gathering up their friends and going on a girls’ getaway to a tropical resort.

These types of vacations are becoming so popular that some resorts even offer special packages for post-divorce travelers, such as one that offers a ceremony to smash the memories by smashing a pinata covered with photos of the ex-husband or ex-wife.

As one agent points out, these excursions are not about mourning the past. They are about celebrating a new start in the travelers’ lives.

Planning Ahead For The Post-Divorce Trip

If you decide to celebrate with a post-divorce trip, you do not have to wait until your divorce is finalized to start planning. In fact, the outcome of your divorce in terms of property division and alimony may impact the nature of your trip. By staying involved in the divorce process and working with an attorney to secure a positive outcome, you can not only set the stage for a great vacation, but for a future you will be happy with.

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