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Modifying child custody orders in Texas

 Posted on November 17, 2017 in Child Custody

Once a divorce decree is in hand, most parents in Texas are afraid to rock the boat. They have survived numerous negotiations, overcome life-changing obstacles and entered into the best possible child custody plan for their kids. However, what if something happens down the road to upset this plan? Should parents face this challenge on their own or should they seek help from the court?

We want you to know that any legal issues have their ups and their downs, including a request for child custody modifications. At the same time, seeking a modification does not mean that you and your ex are bad parents. Many things can happen that make it hard for parents to adhere to the original arrangement.

For example, if one spouse’s work schedule changes, it may make the original visitation agreement difficult — if not impossible — to maintain. One or both parents must work to care for their kids, so this could be a viable reason to seek a child custody order modification.

On the other hand, careful consideration is necessary before asking the court for modifications. Family law courts in Texas will not approve a change request made for a frivolous or unnecessary reason. For instance, if a parent simply wants a certain night off each week in order to go out on the town, the court will likely not approve.

Our attorneys recommend getting legal advice before requesting an order modification. This can help when you have to prove your claims to the court and may expedite the process for all involved. Please refer to our family law website for additional information about child custody issues.

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