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Is it possible to improve an unhappy marriage?

 Posted on April 07, 2021 in Divorce

Take a second to think about the moment in which you and your spouse first got engaged. It was likely a time full of joy, and perhaps one of the happiest moments of your life. At this time, you probably envisioned your relationship in the future to be a story of “happily ever after,” and it’s possible that you could never have even entertained the possibility of ever falling out of love with them.

This is a treasured memory that many married couples have, but it’s often the case that this love and elation fades over time. While some couples manage to successfully transition from the honeymoon period to happy married life in the long term, others do face hurdles. If you are at a point in your marriage in which you are struggling to understand how the two of you fell in love in the first place, you may be committed to trying to make the marriage work even though you are not sure how. The following is an overview of some tips for improving an unhappy marriage.

Make an effort to spend quality time together

One of the biggest reasons why couples have problems in their marriage is because they simply don’t have time to invest in each other. If work, the children, and other commitments come before your relationship with your spouse, it’s likely that you will encounter problems at some point or another. Try tospend one hour of quality timetogether each week at least.

Focus on communication

Lack of communication creates problems, and good communication can solve them. The absence of fights and disagreements is usually not a good sign — it can mean that you are both resigned to the issues you are facing. Going through couple’s therapy could help you to reconnect.

Sometimes, a spouse may come to the realization that the only possibility of a happy future is through a divorce. If you are considering divorce, you should take the time tounderstand your optionseven before you have committed.

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