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Improving communication in your marriage

 Posted on September 30, 2018 in Firm News

Few parts of a marriage hold more importance than the communication you share with your spouse. Whether married for 20 years or two, it is vital that you and your partner take time to discuss important issues and share your feelings. Too often, though, this habit deteriorates, and the foundation of a marriage falls apart with it.

Sometimes partners simply grow apart and develop different communicative needs in the process. Other times, stress and busy schedules impede communication. Regardless of the context, if you struggle to communicate with your spouse, consider the following three tips for improvement:

Identify the problem

An easily identifiable problem causing communication issues does not always exist. Sometimes you immediately know what the issue is, and other times, it requires reflection and space to better understand the situation. If you want to improve your communication, you need to identify what needs improvement. If you ever consider divorce, it is useful to start here and discuss the issues at hand.

Create a strategy

Once you discuss all the issues at play in your communication struggles, you and your spouse should create a plan for addressing those problems strategically. Many simple habits exist that make communication more effective. According to Psychology Today, some of these include listening actively, accepting differences in opinion and seeking out other perspectives.

Stick to the plan

Integrating the aforementioned tips into a strategical communication plan may help you and your spouse bridge the existing gap. Turning these tips into a plan may include designating times to talk and coming up with strategies for problem-solving. Once you develop a plan, it is vital that you stick to it and make communication a top priority in your marriage. This may resolve many issues and help you determine whether staying together is the best option.

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