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Facebook posts to avoid making during a divorce

 Posted on October 26, 2017 in Blog

Many Texas couples end up divorcing. In 2013, the state saw over 179,000 divorces, which was actually less than the previous year.

People go through many emotions during a divorce, and there are temptations to post everything on Facebook and Twitter. However, spouses are better off posting too little than too much. While it is typically best to stay off social media completely during a divorce, here are some guidelines for status updates to avoid making.

Bashing the ex

It is uncouth to post insults about an ex on Facebook. Additionally, if two people have any children together, then the kids can most likely find these posts. For a child custody agreement to work, children need to maintain a certain level of respect for both parents. Although one spouse may feel the extreme urge to insult an ex, it is best to vent to friends in private rather than post it for the world to see.

Posting incriminating evidence

Spouses should avoid incriminating themselves in divorce cases. For example, one spouse may seek a certain amount in alimony because he does not make enough on his own. However, he posts on Facebook that he recently bought a new car. The court may view this as evidence the person does not actually require as much alimony. Another example would involve posting behavioral issues. One spouse may accuse the other of cheating, but that same spouse posts pictures of hanging out with a new girlfriend on Facebook. This may not look good and does more harm than good.

Posting divorce information too early

It is bad manners to announce a divorce on Facebook before informing close family and friends first. People should also avoid posting details of the divorce case to Facebook before a court finalizes everything. Divorces should remain a private matter. It is acceptable and even appropriate to talk through your emotions with loved ones. However, people you have not seen since high school do not need to know every last detail.

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