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Don't stay stuck in a bad marriage

 Posted on June 19, 2020 in Divorce

You know that your marriage isn’t a happy one, but did you know that it’s probably also damaging to your health?

Researchers say that being in a high-conflict relationship where disagreements over things like hobbies, the kids, the in-laws or the bills are common can actually hurt you physically, not just emotionally. While people in relatively agreeable unions tend to live longer and stay healthier than single people, the same is definitely not true for those who are unhappily wed.

If your spouse isn’t supportive of you or is outright difficult to live with, that can lead to an increase in your body’s inflammatory response. It can also affect how much cortisol, or stress hormones, are flooding your body on a daily basis. In turn, that can affect everything from the health of your heart and to how well you’re sleeping or eating.

If you’ve already tried talking, shouting and pleading with your spouse about the situation and your requests for counseling or changes have gone nowhere, it may be time to think about alternatives, like divorce.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the intimacy gone from your relationship?
  • Do you “tune out” your spouse to get some peace?
  • Are you already looking for someone else to fulfill your emotional needs?
  • Do you fantasize about what being single would be like?
  • Are you already moving in a different circle than your spouse?
  • Would you rather spend time alone or with friends than with your spouse?
  • Has communication in your marriage come to a stand-still?
  • Do you no longer care if you “go to bed angry” with unresolved issues?

These are all signs that your marriage isn’t working. As long as you stay in your relationship, neither you nor your spouse are free to find the right partner or live the life you intended. Find out about your divorce options today. Continue to review our website for more information.

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