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Divorce rates are up in Texas: Here’s why

 Posted on February 06, 2020 in Divorce

Texas divorce courts are a little busy right now. That’s not particularly surprising, given that much of the nation experiences a surge in the number of newly filed divorce petitions around this time of year.

Why does it happen so regularly (and predictably) every year? Most attorneys say that it comes down to several different reasons, depending on the couple:

  • Some couples have already agreed to divorce before the new year starts. However, they don’t want to break the news to their children, family or friends until the holidays are over because they know the situation will detract from the holiday celebrations.
  • Some people quietly come to the realization that they’re unhappy and use the new year as a starting point for their “new selves.” Much like a commitment to get healthier, eat better or exercise more, deciding to finally leave an unhappy marriage is part of their New Year’s resolutions.
  • Some couples (or individuals) were on the fence about their marriages and may have talked to attorneys before the end of the year — but decided to give their relationship one last chance. The stress of the holidays, combined with an unusual amount of “togetherness” can either make or break a marriage that’s already on the rocks.
  • Some couples delay filing for purely practical concerns: They want their tax filing status to remain the same and they want to use their tax returns to finance the divorce or their move to a new place.

The next big rush to the courthouse happens around summer when the kids are out of school and family vacations are over (but before the holiday rush starts again). If you’ve been thinking about divorce, find out what your next steps should be.

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