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Divorce movies to help you cope with your own split

 Posted on November 29, 2019 in Divorce

Movies help people relax and take their minds off their woes, so why would you want to watch a movie about a divorce when you’re already going through one?

Since you’re “outside looking in,” you can see things a little more clearly than the characters in the film. When the film relates back to your own life, that’s a new way to gain some perspective on your situation. Besides, when you’re going through a divorce, the last thing you may feel like watching is another romantic comedy on the Hallmark channel.

Here’s what to watch instead:

Marriage Story

The latest in its genre, this movie hits the little screen on December 6. It takes a funny, romantic, realistic and worthwhile look at what happens after the marriage ends in a divorce.

The First Wives Club

This 1996 film is a revenge fantasy for every woman who has been left feeling shoved aside when her spouse takes up with a younger woman and ends their marriage. If this is your situation, you’ll be left with a positive perspective of life after divorce.

Eat, Pray, Love

This 2010 film can help you remember what it was like to be an independent spirit again, especially if your marriage was unhappy for a while. You’ll also be reminded that new doors open when old ones finally close.

Under the Tuscan Sun

This 2003 flick does a great job of looking at all five stages of grief, which is a necessary process all divorcing people go through after a split. Watching someone else go through those stages on the way to healing can help you put your own feelings in a clearer focus.

If you’re struggling to handle the reality of divorce, don’t try to go it alone. Movies can provide a lot of entertainment and help you cope, but they’re no substitute for decisive action.

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