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Common marital stress that leads to divorce

 Posted on January 16, 2020 in Divorce

Marriages begin full of love, hope and desire. The drive to take care of each other for better or worse is alive and well. However, over time, the unfortunate realities of life may settle in and start to pry out those happy feelings, replacing them with stress.

A couple rarely wakes one day wanting to divorce. As the divorce rate hovers a little over 50%, the reality is that the stress that couples must endure through the years may wear down even the strongest allies. Becoming familiar with some of the common marital stressors that lead to divorce may help in getting you through.


For many years, couples going through a divorce claim that their biggest stressor is money. There are varying reasons for this top contributing factor to the decision to separate. In some instances, one spouse resents that the other is more successful and adds more to the bank account. On the flip side, in other couples, one spouse may feel too much pressure to make all the money while the other spouse makes little or none. In marriages where one spouse stays home with children, the money woes may flop back and forth between the two.


Children are a joy, but they may put stress on a marriage. The physical, emotional and mental demands of children may cause spouses to lose touch with each other. One parent may take the lead in child-rearing, which can weigh heavily on the bond between spouses. The working spouse may feel abandoned and burdened while the one tasked with raising the kids may feel too dependant and taken for granted.


One of the top issues divorcing couples cite for the split is cheating. Infidelity is on the rise in marriages, and its discovery may lead to the severance of the marital bond. Often, infidelity may top a list of reasons for the divorce, but in reality, couples will admit that other problems both led to the cheating and ultimately the divorce.

Stress may make people do things that they would not normally do. If you feel like your marriage is beyond the point of saving, you may want to consider that the burdens of life are to blame.

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