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Common causes of marital stress

 Posted on July 20, 2019 in Firm News

All marriages face stress, but not all marriages end in divorce. Whether you get a divorce depends on the issues you face and how you deal with them. You and your spouse are likely to deal with a variety of problems throughout your marriage and have different ideas of how to resolve them.

If you and your partner are able to work together to resolve conflict, your marriage may survive. But if the relationship is combative or unhealthy, stressors may lead to divorce. Here are some common causes of marital stress that often end in breakups.

Financial disagreements

Money problems are the number one cause of marital stress, according to a CNBC report. Financial issues impact every part of your relationship. You may find yourself and your spouse arguing about bills, spending and debt. This is especially problematic if the two of you have opposing viewpoints on the money. For example, if you work a blue-collar job while your partner is a big spender, there is likely to be some friction.

Annoying habits

Everyone is different. Those differences that make your partner unique may start to become irritating over time. Actions and behaviors that are not a big deal at first may start to cause strain. It is normal to feel annoyance by your partner’s habits. Usually, these things are not dealbreakers on their own. But if the two of you fail to communicate your preferences and needs in a healthy way, habits can cause a lot of marital strain.


It is never easy to merge two families. You and your spouse may find it hard to create healthy boundaries and develop a viable dynamic between your two families. If one of you heavily dislikes the other’s family, it can contribute to discord.


Raising kids is a blessing, but it can also create problems in a marriage. Differing viewpoints on discipline, education, diet and responsibilities can lead to divorce.

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