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As a minor, can I divorce my parents in the state of Texas?

Posted on in Family Law

Family law attorneys will nearly always tell you that preservation of the family unit is the ultimate goal. The lawyers with this firm are no exception. However, there are certain situations in which it may be in the minor’s best interests to sever the parental connection legally. This process is called emancipation and as you might imagine, it can be a complex endeavor.

The youngest age at which a minor can seek emancipation in Texas is 16 years. To become emancipated at this young age, the minor must already be living apart from his or her parents. In all other cases, children must be 17-years old in order to separate legally from their parents.

Age is not the only criteria for emancipation. Minors must also be able support themselves and manage their own affairs. Further, they will have to show the family law court system how they intend to meet this criteria. Minors must also be able to prove why emancipation from their parents is in their best interests. In other words, they have to have a valid and viable reason for requesting emancipation.

For Texas minors considering the possibility of seeking emancipation, it is critical to make sure you understand the consequences. For example, your parents will no longer be required to provide for you. This means you will have to pay your own way in life.

Before you make a firm decision about emancipation, it is wise to talk about your parental issues with objective professionals who can help you find the right path. These professionals might include family therapists, counselors, and, of course, a family law attorney.

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