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October 2017 Archives

As a minor, can I divorce my parents in the state of Texas?

iStock-583989228.pngFamily law attorneys will nearly always tell you that preservation of the family unit is the ultimate goal. The lawyers with this firm are no exception. However, there are certain situations in which it may be in the minor's best interests to sever the parental connection legally. This process is called emancipation and as you might imagine, it can be a complex endeavor.

Child custody: Making a parenting time schedule for Thanksgiving

In America, Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays. It is also very much a family-centered holiday, which often presents a challenge to divorced families. Typically, both parents want to spend Thanksgiving with their kids and they struggle to find a mutually acceptable solution.

Family law: Supporting children with special needs after divorce

For couples who parent a child with special needs, divorce is often much different than it is for other couples. These parents face the same divorce challenges that other couples face along with many additional considerations related specifically to their special needs child. The age of the child does not matter because many people with special needs will remain dependent on others throughout their lives.

Getting a divorce when your spouse is deployed

Getting a divorce under any circumstances is nearly always a challenge. However, it can be even more difficult for military couples in which one spouse is deployed. Texas is home to many military couples, some of them in need of guidance when ending a marriage. This is particularly the case when the spouse currently in America has little or no local support.

How spousal maintenance works in Texas

The question of spousal maintenance, or alimony, can pose a significant concern in many Texas divorces. Higher earners worry about having to pay a large chunk of their income for the foreseeable future, while lower earners may have questions about what to expect.

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