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August 2017 Archives

Texas judge takes a strong stance on case of unpaid child support

For those who think that family law courts do not punish those who refuse to pay child support, a recent Texas case may give you hope. Earlier this month, a judge with the 347th District Court ordered that a Texas father be taken into custody because he has not paid child support.

Selena's brother A.B. Quintanilla arrested for support nonpayment

"Everybody needs to pay child support and take care of their children. That's the job, no matter who you are," said Karen Marvel of Marvel & Wong, PLLC, who has been representing A.B. Quintanilla's ex in a child support case against the musician.

Father alleges violence threatened over child custody issue

During the course of a family breakdown, it is likely that there will be disagreements. However, while there may be hard feelings and an occasional heated discussion, the majority of child custody disputes will not escalate into threats or intimidation. Whenever San Antonio families find that they are unable to resolve an issue, they may wish to seek the input of a neutral third party.

A brand new school year: Practical tips for divorced parents

If you are a newly divorced Texas resident with school-aged children, the upcoming school year might prove challenging, especially if you and your children are already feeling anxious about school. Remember, it is a new situation for everyone and adjusting to all the changes is not always an easy endeavor. Even with a well-planned child custody arrangement, it might take parents and their children time to adjust.

Texas court orders man to pay child support but he is not the dad

Imagine receiving an order from a family law court telling you that you must pay child support for a kid that someone else fathered. If you had helped to raise and nurture this child, it might not come as a shock. However, if you had only met this child one time and had no personal ties at all, you might feel betrayed, angry and confused.

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Brandon, Karen, Michael, Megan Are Proud To Have Achieved The Following Legal Accolades for Exemplary Legal Service.

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