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What's the cost of a divorce in Texas?

cost.jpgOne thing that hits people hardest during a divorce is the expense of the process. Aside from filing fees, there may be expenses for realtors, appraisers, tax professionals and more. Every negotiation over how to divide the assets or what visitation and custody should look like takes time -- and time costs money.

What should you reconsider after filing for divorce?

iStock-1133641880.jpgIn Texas, there's a 60-day "cool-off" period between the time you file a petition for a divorce and the time the court can grant it. The law is purposefully designed to give couples a chance to reconsider. Divorce is, after all, a big step and highly disruptive to the lives of everyone in the family.

Thinking about divorce during the holidays? You aren't alone

thinking-about-divorce-1.jpgThe holiday season tends to put a lot of things about your familial relationships into sharp focus -- particularly when those relationships leave something to be desired. Although people seldom disrupt the holiday celebrations by filing for divorce without a triggering event, it isn't unusual for someone to quietly harbor a sense that it's time to end their marriage and move on.

Filing out the federal financial aid form after your divorce

Federal-Finacial.jpgIt's that time of year again when parents of college-aged children are busy filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the coming school year. While any parent can find the FAFSA intimidating and hard to follow, parents who have recently separated or getting a divorce may be completely unsure how to proceed.

Texas man in trouble for falsifying divorce papers

Texas-man-in-trouble-for-falsifying-papers.jpgGiven the availability of no-fault divorce, there's really no reason to stay stuck in an unhappy marriage. However, you still have to follow all the correct procedures and steps if you want the court to grant you a divorce. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing serious criminal charges.

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