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Don't let a gray divorce derail your future plans

Gray divorces are often rougher than divorces for younger people. Not only has the couple involved reached an age where they likely thought their lives were going to be pretty much settled, but they may have decades invested in their marriage. Further, the financial aftereffects of the divorce can be harsh on older couples and completely derail their retirement plans.

What can make divorce more expensive than normal?

What-can-make-divorce-more-expensive-than-normal.jpgAccording to the most recent information available, the average divorce in this country costs right around $15,000. While that sounds like a lot of money, keep in mind the fact that it's an average -- which means that some divorces cost substantially less and others cost a great deal more. How much your divorce ultimately will cost depends a lot on both you and your spouse.

Thinking about divorce? Ask yourself a few questions first

Thinking about divorce?The decision to divorce is, arguably, a much harder decision than the one you made when you got married. When people decide to get married, they're full of optimism and dreams of a future together. When they're contemplating divorce, they tend to be keenly aware of what feels like "wasted time" and the loss of their dream life.

Accolades & Achievements

Brandon, Karen, Michael, Megan and Laura Are Proud To Have Achieved The Following Legal Accolades for Exemplary Legal Service.

*Karen Marvel was recognized in Texas Monthly in 2008-2019 as a Texas Super Lawyer by Texas Super Lawyers (a Thomson Reuters service)

**Karen Marvel is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization