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Representing Families Of All Kinds

The American family law system often serves the traditional nuclear family and serves its needs best, but families come in all shapes and sizes. Managing LGBT family law can require the kind of creativity, dedication and experience you find at Brandon Wong & Associates.

At Brandon Wong & Associates, our attorneys believe your family deserves the best, no matter what it looks like, and we dedicate our resources to helping the LGBT community in San Antonio as it navigates family law. We would be proud to be the firm that represents you and your loved ones.

What Sets Our Firm Apart

The attorneys of Brandon Wong & Associates, have over a decade of experience working with Texas’ family law courts, making us a leader in the field.

Let us guide you through life’s complicated moments, such as:

In addition to our experience, attorney Brandon Wong is an award-winning family law attorney, meaning our firm has resources and knowledge above and beyond what you have access to at most law firms.

Your Future Begins At Your Consultation

Our office provides completely free, no-obligation consultations for new clients. You can come in, sit down with our attorneys and get a good sense of our firm without ever paying a cent. To find a time that works for you, just call us at 210-201-1630.