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Spousal Maintenance Can Be A Stressful Topic

Rely On Our Family Law Experience To Ease Your Fears

Alimony, spousal support and spousal maintenance are all common names for an issue that is often contested in a divorce. Whether you are worried about getting the money you need or about paying too much, we know you need an attorney who understands complex financial matters.

At Brandon Wong & Associates, understanding complicated financial problems and protecting your interests are our strengths. Our attorneys come to these matters with more than a decade of experience, and have received awards and accolades such as being named among the Top 50 Family Attorneys by Scene In S.A. magazine.

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Alimony Is Not Automatic In Texas

In Texas, spousal maintenance is not automatic nor is it awarded in every divorce. A court has discretion to issue temporary support while the divorce is pending and a final order for maintenance after the divorce is finalized.

A judge will consider many factors when determining whether to award alimony and in what amount. These include:

  • Financial resources of each spouse, including separate property
  • Ability to cover minimum reasonable needs
  • Earning capacity, education and employment skills
  • Age, physical and emotional health
  • Length of the marriage
  • Nonmonetary contributions as a homemaker or to the education or career of the other spouse
  • Actions that decrease the value of the martial estate, including hiding assets, making unusual purchases or transferring property
  • Misconduct, including adultery or spousal abuse

Have Questions About Your Rights? We Can Help You Answer Them.

If you are considering divorce, we can help you answer questions about alimony and all other aspects of your case. Schedule a initial consultation with a lawyer by calling our office at 210-201-1630 or completing a form online.