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Child Support Modifications

Child support payments are not static; they are based on things that can change – things like income. Texas law allows you to petition a court to modify your child support (as a payor/obligor) if you cannot afford it, or (if you are the payee/obligee who receives child support) if you are entitled to more support for your kids.

Through modification, your child support can go up or down. People call our office to get their child support reduced or increased. Not because they are deadbeats or lazy, but because their circumstances have changed.

I’ve Had A Change Of Income. How Do I Get My Payment Lowered?

At Brandon Wong & Associates in San Antonio, Texas, we have extensive experience with child support cases of all kinds, including those that involve petitioning a court for modification of current orders. We can assist you if you need:

  • To reduce your payments if you have lost your job or suffered another income loss
  • To address educational and medical expenses and day care costs
  • Help collecting child support
  • Help defending yourself against enforcement actions
  • To evaluate possible exceptions to child support guidelines

Every case is different. We are here to assist you with your case, whether you are a custodial parent or a noncustodial parent.

San Antonio Child Support Modification Lawyers

You cannot modify your support without a court order, and you cannot retroactively reduce your support. So it is important to get advice from an attorney if your situation has changed in a way that has made your support payments unaffordable. Contact us to learn more.