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Child Support

Child support is meant to provide for the needs of children whose parents are not married or in a relationship with one another. In Texas, child support payments are calculated and court-ordered based on established guidelines.

Child support can be a confusing and frustrating topic. Your child support concern may call for the involvement of an attorney who understands how the law works – and who knows how to solve problems effectively.

Advocates For Parents And Children

At Brandon Wong & Associates, based in San Antonio, Texas, we devote a significant part of our family law practice to child support cases. We are advocates for parents and children. We strive to be fair and wise – peacemakers and helpers of families; We are not in the business of making problems worse. As your attorneys, we can help you protect your rights with regard to:

  • Your divorce proceedings
  • Paying child support for your child or children
  • Collecting child support, including support enforcement and back child support
  • Having a court establish child support payments that fall above or below what the guidelines dictate
  • Modifying child support payments based on changes to income, custody, visitation arrangements or other factors
  • Issues that concern military service
  • Dealing with medical care, educational expenses and day care costs
  • Situations in which you need to go to court

Every family law case is different. Get the help you need with your specific case.

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You can find valuable information about child support on our frequently asked questions page. If you need help with your child support matter, get in touch with us.