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When You Need To Enforce Your Visitation Rights

Child custody and visitation are very important for unwed parents and those who are going through a divorce. A considerable amount of time is often spent deciding who will have legal and physical custody of the child and drafting visitation agreements. Even the best laid plan does no one any good unless it is followed.

Brandon Wong & Associates can help you enforce your child visitation rights in San Antonio and all of the surrounding counties. Our attorneys have more than a decade of experience in family law and have helped many families resolve their visitation issues either through mediation or litigation.

Any Deviation Can Be Considered A Violation Of Visitation Rights

The terms of a custody and visitation agreement set the schedule and the expectations for a co-parenting relationship. Parents can agree to bend or break the rules, but one parent cannot do this unilaterally. When they do, the other parent can enforce the terms of the agreement.

Many minor disputes or deviations from the plan may be resolved through mediation or even open communication. Cases involving a parent who refuses to play nice or repeatedly ignores the rules may need to be resolved in court.

Any minor deviation can be considered a violation, including:

  • Failure to exchange the children at the designated time or place
  • Keeping a child beyond the allotted time period
  • Showing up randomly when it is the other parent’s time with the child
  • Calling frequently during the other parent’s time with the child
  • Withholding important information about school or extra-curricular activities
  • Allowing an unauthorized third party to make the exchange
  • Taking the child without notifying the other parent
  • Disparaging the other parent in the attempt to alienate him or her
  • Participating in activities or behaving in such a way that it puts the child’s safety or well-being at risk

Do Not Take Action On Your Own | Consult With A Lawyer First

As noted above, some matters can be handled amicably. If you have already tried talking to the other parent or the two of you have a history of conflict, do not take any action on your own. Contact Brandon Wong & Associates for guidance. We offer initial consultations. Call us at 210-201-1630 or send us an email.