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There Is No Replacement For An Involved Parent

Children do best in stable, supportive environments surrounded by adults who love them. Unfortunately, many co-parents struggle to find balance and peace in their relationship, causing confusion and chaos in their child’s life. The right family law steps can facilitate a stable environment and make space for both parents.

Brandon Wong & Associates, is a premier Texas family law firm. Our attorneys have more than a decade of experience and use that knowledge and skill to represent families across the San Antonio region. Come speak with us for free.

What Every Father Should Know

If you and your co-parent live in separate households, you need to be vigilant about your rights as a parent. Regardless of whether you are divorced or were never married, as a father, you should be able to see your child, take an active role in their upbringing and obtain a fair child support order that reflects your financial situation. Our attorneys are award-winning legal advocates who believe in the importance of both mothers and fathers alike.

We support fathers from the very beginning until their child reaches adulthood. We begin by establishing clear paternity so that the foundation of your rights is not in question. Then we offer continued support as your life changes, whether you have a new child, get married or need adjustments to your legal agreements.

Fulfilling Your Role As A Father Means Protecting Your Rights

At Brandon Wong & Associates, we are ready to explain your rights as a father and to help you pursue fair access to your child. First appointments are completely free; just call 210-201-1630.