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Do You Understand Child Custody?

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions our attorneys receive. You should know, however, that your life and situation may mean that the answers change. We are happy to give you personalized insight into child custody at your free first appointment. Call us at 210-201-1630 to schedule your appointment at Brandon Wong & Associates.

What is the main determining factor in child custody cases?

When determining child custody, the law prioritizes the child’s best interests. There is no set list of requirements for child custody itself; rather, the court focuses on the child’s quality of life. In general, this means that any agreement or order should help maintain a stable environment for the child, provide for their educational needs, and meet their physical and emotional needs as well.

What types of child custody arrangements are possible?

There are as many possible arrangements as there are families because each family has unique needs. Some examples include 50/50 custody – where parents have their children for specific days of the week – and weekend or part-time custody – where one parent is the primary caregiver and the other has the children for weekends or holidays.

How is child custody related to child support?

Child support is meant to help parents find a fair financial situation that splits the responsibility of their child’s monetary needs. In general, the more parenting time a parent has, the more likely they are to receive child support payments. This is not always the case, though, and many factors are at play in these determinations.

Can child custody agreements be changed?

Yes. Both child custody and child support agreements can change if substantial change happens in your life and as your child’s needs change.