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Child conservatorships in Texas

Texas law does things a little differently than most states when it comes to child custody. First of all, child custody is instead known as a child conservatorship. These conservatorships are generally split into two types: joint managing conservatorship (JMC) and sole managing conservatorship (SMC). These, in simple terms, refer to whether a parent is the only custodian of the child in question, or whether the other parent also is a custodian of the child jointly.

This blog will provide a brief overview into how child custody works in Texas, and what rights a person has as a conservator.

What are the most important points in a military divorce?

Getting a divorce when you or your spouse serves in the armed forces can be complex. However, you can simplify the process by learning the laws surrounding a military divorce. This equips you to enter into the divorce prepared to face and overcome any obstacles that might otherwise block your path.

One of the best pieces of advice for service members and their spouses who are considering divorce is to acquire good legal representation. Doing so will remove many of the hardships typically associated with getting a divorce in the armed forces. With that said, the section below contains several additional key points of a military divorce in the state of Texas.

3 tips to make the best of supervised visitations

Sometimes you do not get as much visitation or custody as you want. In certain cases, you get supervised visitation. You know these visits can be difficult regardless of how excited you are to connect with your child. With a third party observing everything, you might feel awkward or inhibited. These visitations may also take place in unnatural settings. 

However, you do not need to dread each visit. You can do some simple things to make these interactions easier and more fun for everyone involved. 

Texas judge takes a strong stance on case of unpaid child support

For those who think that family law courts do not punish those who refuse to pay child support, a recent Texas case may give you hope. Earlier this month, a judge with the 347th District Court ordered that a Texas father be taken into custody because he has not paid child support.

A separate news source indicates that the man owes approximately $130,000. This amount includes $87,000 in back child support payments, $45,000 from an earlier ruling and additional funds to cover medical expenses. Even though the man agreed to pay the owed support, the judge still ordered that he be taken into custody.

Selena's brother A.B. Quintanilla arrested for support nonpayment

"Everybody needs to pay child support and take care of their children. That's the job, no matter who you are," said Karen Marvel of Marvel & Wong, PLLC, who has been representing A.B. Quintanilla's ex in a child support case against the musician.

Quintanilla, 53, is the brother of the late Tejano singing phenomenon Selena Quintanilla. He is a former member of her group, Selena y Los Dinos, and a founder of Los Kumbia Kings and Elektro Kumbia. Until last Wednesday, he was also a member of the Nueces County Sheriff's Office's Top 10 most wanted for nonpayment of child support and contempt of court, according to KSAT 12 San Antonio.

Father alleges violence threatened over child custody issue

During the course of a family breakdown, it is likely that there will be disagreements. However, while there may be hard feelings and an occasional heated discussion, the majority of child custody disputes will not escalate into threats or intimidation. Whenever San Antonio families find that they are unable to resolve an issue, they may wish to seek the input of a neutral third party.

Recently, one father resorted to contacting the police in regards to an alleged threat he received from another man. According to his account, he arrived at the home of his child's mother in order to return their child to her care. Though the details of what transpired are not clear, another male in the home at the time purportedly threatened the father. The father claimed that the the other male displayed a handgun and proceeded to point it at him.

A brand new school year: Practical tips for divorced parents

If you are a newly divorced Texas resident with school-aged children, the upcoming school year might prove challenging, especially if you and your children are already feeling anxious about school. Remember, it is a new situation for everyone and adjusting to all the changes is not always an easy endeavor. Even with a well-planned child custody arrangement, it might take parents and their children time to adjust.

Fortunately, there are ways you can lessen the stress and anxiety for all with a little preparation. As long as you and your co-parent are willing to tackle the challenges cooperatively, it is possible to make the necessary transitions go a little smoother. Use the tips provided below to help your family survive and thrive in the new school year.

  • Speak with teachers: Inform your child's teachers about the family situation so that they can provide appropriate support for your child.
  • Know your child's schedule: You and your co-parent should be familiar with your child's school schedule in order to avoid conflicts and keep things running smoothly.
  • Cooperative shopping: Work with your co-parent to divide school shopping responsibilities and expenses in a fair and balanced manner.
  • Joint child preparation: Both parents should prepare the children for school with consistent routines in both homes as well as positive communication about school.
  • Stay accessible and prepared to communicate: Even after divorce, effective parenting requires communication. Be prepared to talk over schedules and matters related to education with your co-parent.

Post-divorce vacations are the new trend

There is no question that divorce can be tough. You are bringing an end to a major chapter in your life, and that can be emotional. The divorce process itself can be stressful, especially if you and your spouse are fighting over the outcome. The whole ordeal can take a toll.

So what better time to treat yourself to a vacation than when your divorce is finalized?

Texas court orders man to pay child support but he is not the dad

Imagine receiving an order from a family law court telling you that you must pay child support for a kid that someone else fathered. If you had helped to raise and nurture this child, it might not come as a shock. However, if you had only met this child one time and had no personal ties at all, you might feel betrayed, angry and confused.

A Texas man is experiencing his own set of bewildering emotions after a family law court ordered him to pay $65,000 in back child support for a child who is not his. Reportedly, the man, who has three children and two nephews currently under his care, was not aware of the child's existence until he received court papers in 2016. The mother of the child in question repeatedly insisted that this man fathered her child, but a DNA test proved otherwise.

Important facts about child custody in Texas

Each state has its own set of laws concerning child custody. In most cases, these laws are similar across the nation, which can be a comfort to divorcing parents. Despite the similarities, it is important for you to learn how the process works in whichever state you live in. This blog post contains a few important facts about child custody in the state of Texas.

Terminology: In this state, you may hear child custody and related issues referred to in unfamiliar terms. For example, you are probably accustomed to the phrase child custody, but in Texas the legal term for this is conservatorship. You should ask your family law attorney for an explanation of any unfamiliar terminology you hear or read.

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