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Adoption: A joyous area of the family law field

In most cases, when people contemplate a visit to a family law attorney, they feel a sense of dread or negativity. It is perfectly natural response because many times these attorney visits occur to prepare for a divorce or to talk about child custody and support issues. However, there are some occasions when visiting a family law attorney can make you feel happy. Preparing to adopt a stepchild is one such occasion.

While there are several legal issues you must take care of to complete your adoption, it is not as hard as many people assume it is. It might help to think about it this way. Court officials and even local governments want you to adopt your stepchild if the biological parent will not or cannot parent the child in question. As such, they are eager to help you in your quest to adopt.

Why Should The Kids Have To Bounce From House To House?

In a divorce, two of the biggest considerations are what to do with the children and what to do with the family home. The traditional solution looks something like this: One parent stays in the house and the other moves out. The children then bounce back and forth between mom's place and dad's place.

This may be the traditional solution, but it is certainly not the only solution.

Smart and civil ways to deal with missed holiday parenting time

We begin this post by wishing that our readers had a happy and memorable Fourth of July weekend. The holiday weekend ended with a bang this year on a Tuesday, which meant that many divorced and separated parents were able to split the holiday given that two days occurred during the normal work week.

However, holiday weekends are not immune from misunderstandings and missed (or denied) parenting time. Now that the holiday is over, some real fireworks may begin as wronged parents seek retribution. If you fit into this category, there are a few things to know before seeking a legal remedy. This post will name a few. 

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